Heatherington Consulting Group (HCG) services include On-Site Safety Management involving pre-task planning, jobsite hazards identification and abatement paired with a trained workforce to ensure reduced injury and increased productivity.


At HCG, a consultation will include

  • An audit of your existing approach to safety

  • Development of a program to strengthen your workplace safety

  • Identifying and establishing a program with policies and procedures to ensure that regulatory requirements are met.

Project Safety Management

Safe work practices and productivity continuity are at the very core of our Project Safety Management services.​ From small construction projects, tenant improvements or renovations, to commercial new-build, and multi-million dollar projects, HCG Safety Division has the experience and qualifications to support Owners, Project Managers and Superintendents goal of a Safe and Compliant Jobsite.

Workplace Safety Programs

  • DOT/Drug Free Workplace

  • Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Crisis Management

We specialize in Workplace Safety Programs and Emergency Response Personnel. Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools to enhance productivity, safety and security in the workplace.

Outreach Training Programs

Through the Outreach Training Programs for the construction industry, we can ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. At HCG, the following topics are covered with on-site training for entry level employees and employers in the construction industry related to SAFETY and HEALTH HAZARDS:

  • The recognition of safety and health hazards

  • How to avoid safety and health hazards

  • Abatement of safety and health hazards

  • Prevention of safety and health hazards

The On-Site Safety Management programs also provide information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint. Common workplace health and safety hazards include: communicable disease, transportation accidents, workplace violence, slipping and falling, toxic events particularly chemical and gas exposure, getting struck by objects, electrocution or explosion, repetitive motion and ergonomic injuries, and hearing loss.