At Heatherington Consulting Group (HCG) we specialize in On-Site Workplace Safety Programs and Emergency Response Personnel. When your organization brings an HCG Safety Advisor/Project Manager on-site, you can be confident that all safety issues will be addressed and problems resolved. Our safety experts work with your employees and contractors to ensure all safety measures are in place and being followed.

Safety in the workplace has become a #1 priority because businesses care about employees and they are required to meet government standards. The value of having a qualified and trained HCG consultant come into your business means that from the first day, ALL of your safety issues will be addressed (your organization will avoid the learning curve of having to train staff).

Our mission at Heatherington Consulting Group is to provide our clients with the tools to enhance productivity, safety and security in the workplace. That means we help you produce a workplace that is:

  • Productive

  • Safe

  • Secure

Safe Work Practices and Productivity Continuity are at the very core of our Project Safety Management services.​ From small construction projects, tenant improvements or renovations, to commercial new-build, and multi-million dollar projects, HCG Safety Division has the experience and qualifications to support Owners, Project Managers and Superintendents goal of a Safe and Compliant Jobsite.

​HCG Safety Division, proudly committed to Worker Safety for more than 25 years.

HCG Safety Division Onsite Project Managers in Las Vegas Nevada. Professional On Site help and assistance with construction upgrades and projects.